Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Big Snow of 2009

19 Inches + a little more. It was so pretty, and I am very glad it happened on a weekend so I could spend the day inside baking. That is exactly what I did!! It may take me a little bit to get everything blogged but I made a lot of yummies - most of which are being given away as gifts, what is leftover is going to the grandparents house for Christmas day snacking!!

Big Snow Baking Day 2009 includes:
Chocolate Chip Cookies (in cookie form not cake form)

I guess I love peanut butter!! I also want to try and make Ms. Beth's peanut brittle - but when I was at the store I forgot to get corn syrup and with the snow coming it took me 2 hours to get a couple things - I wasn't going back. Maybe I will get it done before christmas - I hope. Check back for the recipes soon. There is also a very yummy dinner post to come. (probably after the new year)

* Peanut butter canes are typically called buckeyes but there is a reason for the name change - will explain in the post. :-D


  1. I'm glad YOU were glad the blizzard hit on the weekend!

    I really didn't want a day off yesterday.

    And I probably aren't going to get any of your blizzard cookies.


  2. Sorry dad I'd rather not drive in it to get to work - but you will get some blizzard cookies.

  3. OMG, that's a lot of baking! All I made were chocolate chip cookies and probably gained 4 pounds eating them, lol. I wish I had more baking stuff on hand to make christmas cookies too but wasn't really thinking we would get 20 inches of snow, lol.


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