Saturday, December 12, 2009

Latkes (potato pancakes)

Happy Hanukkah!!  

I love that I get to celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas! Since Matt and I started dating 3.5 years ago we have had a tradition of making latkes and Hanukkah cookies every year for Hanukkah. In the past we used a simple recipe that was very good, but not a true Latke. I will try to get that recipe posted for you as well, but I am not sure I will make both this year. If so I will add pictures to the recipe. This year Matt's mom sent me her latke recipe - and I hope I can make it as well as she does. Having never made them it was hard to know if I had the consistency right, Matt tried to help decide. In the end he said they turned out great so that is good!

[Printable Recipe]
2 eggs or more ( we used 2 in the blender and 1 more to make it thinner )
3 cups grated drained potatoes ( we used 4 potatoes - 3.25 lbs)
1 onion, grated
salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste
2-4 tbsp. matzo meal 

vegetable oil (we used canola oil)

Wash and cut the potatoes and grate the onion

 Place 1 egg in blender then add some of the cut up pieces of potatoes, onion.

After each addition, drain in colander or strainer. Don't strain out all of the liquid but strain a good bit.

Repeat each process always starting with egg first until all potatoes are done.
Add salt and pepper and matzo meal (we used 1.5 Tbsp of matzo meal).
May need to taste to determine amount of salt and pepper and check texture to determine amount of matzah meal. You want it to be thick. It is really hard to describe the texture. It is like a thick pancake batter, but with more texture, thinner than oatmeal. It reminded me a lot of the texture of the rice cereal I feed the twins. Since I had never made it before we did 1 first to see if we had the texture right.

Heat oil.
Drop potato mixture into hot oil by teaspoonfuls. Flatten them down a little

Fry until golden brown on both sides.

Drain on paper towels.

Serve with apple sauce or sour cream.

These were so good. I am glad they are only a tradition 1 time a year because they were SO greasy. But 100%  worth it. I will run it off tomorrow. :-D

I debated posting this recipe. It was difficult and very much a game of trial and error with a couple calls to Miami to ask Matt's mom for help. But in the spirit of the holidays I am posting it. Feel free to try it- if you want help email me and I will offer help. It was totally worth the work, so good! I am going to post the simply potatoes latke recipe too - it is much easier and faster.

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  1. Those latkes look really good! I don't think I've ever tried to make them, but maybe I should give it a whirl.


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