Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Princess practice cake

Today I made my practice princess cake (say that 3 times fast)

The cake mold was easy enough to use, and I just used a boxed cake mix. I had to cook it for almost an hour though. I put chocolate chips in to help hold it together (a trick my teacher offered us on the first day if we used cake mix from the box). The cake release stuff I used on the pan was amazing. It worked so well. It was worth the $3.99 I spent on it! I wish I had been using it all along.

making barbie decent
making barbie decent
the back
the back

As it was a practice cake, I didn’t do many of the things I would normally. I didn’t level the cake, the stars were a little messy, but for the most part everything was the same. I am still working with the mom to see what colors I am going to do for the real thing. Pink I know, probably the same. I am going to change the design a little bit. I will post pictures of the whole process. Today’s cake was made while I stayed home from work with day 3 of a migraine. Saturday is when I make my first ever order! :-D

she has a ghetto lean ;)

Haha I used my name and age for the practice, mainly because I know how to spell it :-D She is also leaning a little, but we can fix that next time too!

Dad is taking what is left with him to work tomorrow. Enjoy! ( stop by and steal some if you want)

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  1. Angela, love the princess cake and your grandmother's cake ( I know she was proud of that). So your princess has a "ghetto" lean; so what, you did a great job, I think. Keep on working on these.



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