Monday, March 9, 2009

Cake class 2

First let me tell you...the amount of icing I had to make to take to class was disgusting! She said , double the recipe, then double it again. WOW!

4 cups of Crisco, 4 lbs of powdered sugar! Made me like icing a little less. Making the icing was a MESS. Matt's kitchen was cloudy with powdered sugar and my black kitchenaid was grey.

I baked my cakes, and made my icing and off to class I went.

Tonight we worked on stars, zigzags and writing. Also how to level, cut in half, and stack a cake. Then how to ice it, and make it look nice. She did it so well last week, made it look so easy. It wasn't. I didn't take pictures of this process because it was very very messy, but I promise when I make it again (next weekend for momma's birthday) I will have Matt take pictures.

After we got our cakes iced, she said to tint our icing what ever color I wanted and decorate using our cake as a practice board. I found a new icing color at Walmart last night, that I think may be the winner for my Pink Velvet Cupcakes ( I want to put a link to the post here, but I can't figure it out, the link button is grayed out, Wordpress users help?!) Anyway, wanting to see this color in action I make pink, then I decided why not make a cake for Jacki , Tony and Anna! YAY!

Since I am taking them dinner tomorrow, I will also bring them dessert. :-D

Anna's Cake
Anna's Cake

OH! I forgot to mention! I signed up for course 2... it starts March 30. I will learn lots of flowers, fancy borders and basket weave :-D This time no hidden costs! I have everything I need in my kit! :-D

I can't wait to make cakes and decorate them for fun, or even better, for others!


  1. Let me just say that all of your hard work that went into this cake was DEFINITELY worth it! The cake was AMAZING! Full-sized chocolate chips in cake - whoda thunk it? Mmmm Mmm. I coulda told you that you wouldn't like icing after knowing what goes into it ;-) Come up here the next time you have a free Saturday or Sunday and I'll give you a heads up on flower making and basket weaving (you'll look like a pro in your class!) Love you!

  2. Angela, that cake is so beautiful!!! You go girl!


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