Thursday, April 8, 2010

New York Yummies

Our trip to NYC was a lot of fun, and we did some cool things. But I since this is a baking blog, I think I will talk about some of the important things we did. We ATE!

We got off the bus, headed to the upper east side and dropped off our bags at Nana's apartment building. She was out so we decided to head two blocks up the street to a NYC landmark.

These hot dogs are GOOD. I don't mind hot dogs in general, but they aren't typically my first choice. These are SO GOOD. 
So our first meal was super unhealthy, but super good.

We walked over to Central Park and walked around, then sat and watched people, then walked back home. 

Now dinner I started looking forward to before we even booked our bus tickets.

Matt's family has been eating here on every single trip they make up. When I first went there I was so happy with my meal. It is one of the best chicken parms I have ever eaten(and biggest). Matt's spaghetti bolognese is really good too. Best I think I have ever had too. I could eat there every night we visit I think.


We had tickets for a NBC tour at 1, so we needed a quick lunch. We used urban spoon on our phone and found the 53rd Street Gourmet Deli

This place was really good. I read a review on the way there that the cooks were intimidating and didn't like if you didn't know what you wanted. It was a little busy, but we ordered with not much problem and they were nice to us, so that was good. I had a chicken quesadilla, Matt had a turkey sub. I liked this place, and I would go back for sure. My food was good. There selection was HUGE. It is also open 24 hours so it would be a good place to hit up after a show.

We walked up 5th ave, and I made Matt go with me to find a Crumbs Bake Shop so I could get a red velvet cupcake. I got a small red velvet cupcake and a homemade lemon-lime soda.
The soda was different, but really good. The cupcake...VERY GOOD.
My homemade lemon-lime soda


Attractive - and that was a SMALL CUPCAKE!

That didn't last long (I did let Matt have a little)

Thursday night for dinner it looked like rain so we ordered in.
Chinese food from Our Place.  They have some really good spare ribs. I am not even a big fan of them but these are good. Matt and I shared a chicken lo mein, and we also ate some of Nana's chicken fried rice. So yummy, and even better Saturday for Linner.

We got Pinkberry for dessert. Now I love me some frozen yogurt, and I have always wanted to see what the hype was with pinkberry. They have a very smart system there. You place your order, size and flavor and give your name. Then it prints on a little sticker and they call your name and allow you to put as many toppings on the yogurt that will fit.  I got a little chocolate and a little vanilla. I had chocolate chips, kiwi and strawberry for my toppings. So good. Lived up to the hype in my opinion. Lucky for me there is a similar place here. Shew

Friday for lunch we met a friend at a local favorite. The Shake Shack. I didn't get a shake, but my burger was yummy, and the fries were really good too. Super crowded, but what isn't in NYC.

Friday night we went to the west village and met friends for dinner. We ate at this little Italian place, Malatesta. The food was really good. Matt got gnoucchi that was really good and I got some type of pasta in a wonderful meat sauce. It was really great. The place was a tight squeeze, but it had a funky and yet cozy feel to it. I really enjoyed our dinner there.

We hit up a bar for a little while after to catch up, then Matt and his friend (also Matt) went and got a slice of pizza from Joe's Pizza. I snuck a bite from Matt. Very good. But I am not sure I could eat a whole piece unless I was super hungry. It was pretty big.

Saturday we got up and went to get bagels from H and H for brunch. There is a great bagel debate between those who live in NYC as to who has the best bagels. Matt wanted to try these this time. I thought they were pretty good, but I am not a bagel snob, so what do I know.

This trip was super laid back, we just woke up and decided what we would do that am. Stress free. We didn't do Times Square or other touristy things this time. We did a lot of that on other trips. We ate a lot of good food. I only ran once while there. We did do a good bit of walking, but man, NYC has some good eats!

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  1. loving the pics! especially the one you're biting into the cupcake~ delicious!


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