Saturday, April 24, 2010

I made a blog button!!

I see all these cute blog buttons and always wanted one, but never took the time to figure out how to make one. Today I was talking with emailing another blogger and she asked if I had a button, and I didn't, I knew I had to take the time to make one. Then today Tessica wrote about how she made one, and linked to A Heart for Home's tutorial. So I spent some time this evening figuring it out! I am super excited now. Grab my button if you would like. I am working on a way to display your buttons too!

Thanks guys for your posts!!

Tomorrow I am making mini batches of the smash cakes for the twin's 1st birthday party, and the cupcakes for the party favors. I have to make sure that they taste good if people are going to be taking them home. I will post pictures of the cakes and cupcakes after the party next weekend!


  1. Cute button!!! I'm going to have to put it on my blog! :)

  2. I don't have a button... I'm not quite sure why I would need one. Yours is really cute :D

  3. Good for you! It's cute as can be. As soon as I rearrange a bit on my site I'll be back to snag it.

  4. Good for you! The button looks great!!

  5. Yeey, first button. It's very cute. It took me long time to make my first button and once I did I was so proud. The few months later I wanted to make another button for my other blog and I completely forgot how,lol

  6. Congrats! Glad I could help a bit!

  7. I love your button. You did and excellent job. I don't do buttons (at least not yet) but when I do I'll be back to grab it.
    Today I tagged you with a photo tag if you're interested. Stop by and see what I'm talking about.
    I can't wait to see the pictures of this grand party that's coming up. Oh how I love pictures.
    Take care Angela and God Bless my dear!!


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