Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thanks Jody!!!

stacks_image_154_1A year ago today a woman with a passion started a movement. I year ago today Jody Landers launched the Water 4 Christmas campaign. This looked different for everyone. Some people gave up getting presents for Christmas and requested all money that would be spent on presents for them be donated to water 4 Christmas in their name. There were bake sales to raise money and an etsy shop.  My daycare had a change jar and kids brought in money towards it. The money went to charity:water who drills wells in Africa.  So from November 3 until Christmas (or the end of the year) people donated money for clean water. There were $10 Fridays, and people donated shirts, and crafts that were sold with 100% of the proceeds going to water. That was how I supported Water 4 Christmas. I bought crafts. The bottom line was that money was raised for clean water in Africa.

I have 2 tee shirts - and I love wearing them because I get weird looks and questions and I am able to spread the word about water.


If you come to my house and get a drink you will use my water coasters. I bought a set and loved them , and had the lady make me pink and green ones too


My favorite water thing is my ornament. I can't wait to put it on my first tree. This will be the only ornament that isn't pink and that is perfectly fine with me!


Without Jody behind the water movement - many people in Africa would still be drinking dirty water. In a 2 months she helped raise 59,000 for wells. The movement continued throughout the year and is gearing up for another water for christmas campaign*.

Today Jody is flying to Liberia. Clean water became an obsession of Jody's - but she shared the obsession with a lot of people and now there are lots of people obsessing over clean water for Africa.

Thanks Jody for all your hard work and sacrifice. You rock!!

* A blog post to follow later about water for christmas 2009, I will write 1 post, put it all out there, and then let you do with it as you wish.

Lots of food to come soon!!!

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