Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wedding Cake 101

I probably should have taken that class.

Instead I am flying by the seat of my pants and hoping for the best.

Have I mentioned I am making my college roommate's wedding cake? Yes'm I am. My first wedding cake! It looks beautiful in my head. Let's hope I execute!! 

Today I made the biggest batch of butter cream icing I have ever seen. I took the Wilton recipe, doubled it, and then made that 3 times. 

I also made a quadruple batch of cinnamon cream cheese filling.

3 tiers, and 2 sheet cakes are baked (quadrupled the recipe I used too! Yes, I will be sharing recipes after Sunday)

Tomorrow I will slice and fill each tier and then ice them. Then they will be packed up and driven to NJ on Friday where the remaining decorating will be done - in my hotel room. 

Saturday I will add fresh flowers before the reception. (I am crossing my fingers I don't get white icing on my navy blue bridesmaids dress)

I am really excited about this cake....and a little nervous. Mostly nervous something will go wrong. I know that it tastes good, I just want it to look good. 

Will update, promise. 

Now I must go to bed - and not stress about this. 

(oh - and I made such a yummy dessert for a Halloween party last weekend - that is coming soon!!)


  1. My daughter ROCK! I never tried a wedding cake in all my years of cake decorating. It is a really beautiful cake. You are very brave and I am very proud of you. I love you.

  2. I know you'll do a wonderful job! Good Luck and Happy holidays!


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