Thursday, October 22, 2009

We were THAT family...and still are!

Kristen, We are THAT family is having her 2 year blogoversary. Her blog is great and funny - often brings a smile to my face! She is offering lots of lovely prizes - one of which is a blog makeover - which I need - BAD.

While I don't have kids of my own, I can think back to MANY stories that prove that my family growing up was THAT family.

What is THAT family?

THAT family is the one that talks their mother's best friend into babysitting (who is single and childless) and while she is taking the children to Pizza Hut for dinner - as the pizza comes K attempts to clean up all the crayons on the table and reaches for the one that fell in the lap of a 5ish year old - who screams at the top of his lungs- "Don't touch my privates!!!" then follows up dinner with a trip behind the pink curtain at the video store (where the racy videos are kept) Poor K - It is a wonder she even had children after that!

THAT family is the family that searches the whole church looking for keys  - when they finally ask the kid where they are she promptly walks to the potty and points! Because that is where they go of course!

THAT family has the kid who climbs out of the crib, up the changing table to get the Sams club size bottle of baby powder and gets back in bed with it - only to jump up and down and empty the whole bottle. What mom? You didn't want white carpet, white walls, white suits (dad's suits were in the closet - and the door was open) and a white child - all 15 mins before you were about to go out to a work function?

THAT family has a mom that will do anything to embarrass her children at all costs - Walking through the middle of Walmart she looks at me very seriously and says "Angela, do you know what time it is?" I of course unknowingly took a big bite of the bait and said "no mom! what time is it?" thinking we had to be somewhere- NOPE it apparently was HAMMER TIME . Yes - my mother stopped in the middle of the aisle and broke it down MC Hammer style. OMG! I wanted to die ( please understand - this was when the hammer was big - many years ago)

We were THAT family, but we still are.

Being a member of THAT family means that one of my teachers at school will ask me, "Hey, was your mom IN a tree trying to cut it down?" Yup she was - She is still alive too by some miracle.

There are many times I shake my head and hope no one saw what just went down in public. THIS family is great - the stories and memories will never go away and I hope one day when I have kids of my own we are THAT family too! Because if you can't laugh with (and at) your family then you can't laugh at anything!


Congrats Kristen on 2 years of blogging - over 1 million visitors to your site, and 30,000 comments!! WOW


  1. Awesome list!

    Thanks for celebrating with me!

  2. I want to point out that in most if not all of the incidents that would qualify us for being THAT family, I was an innocent bystander, or nowhere near.

    I was never a Hammer Time dad.

  3. Very funny stuff. We are THAT kind of family too! (that particular blog is at

  4. Dad - thanks for not being a Hammer Time dad - one Hammer Time parent is all I could handle. <3


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