Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ice Cream Cake

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Birthday Boy and his cake
Birthday Boy and his cake
Saturday is my baby brother’s birthday. He will be 20. Once again our parents decide to leave us for the weekend of a birthday, a reoccurring theme lately. I think it is because they are in denial that they have 24 and 20 year old children which make them really freaking old (sorry to those who have children older, you aren’t old, it is just my parents.) I am holding down the fort, watching the dog, fending off any parties that try to pop up at the Eubanks household. All parties must be held elsewhere. Kobi doesn’t like them.

Anyway, we celebrated Austin’s birthday at Easter dinner. Like I have done with everyone else on their birthday, I ask what kind of cake they want. He answers “an ice cream cake” hmm, that’s a new one for me. But I am not scared. A little bummed because I have this cool cake pan in the shape of a guitar and I wanted to use it for his cake, but not scared.

Upon further discussion, he wants 2 layers of ice cream, 1 cake. Chocolate for the cake, vanilla for the ice cream (BORING) We decide on Oreo for the ice cream. That’s a little better.

I decided that I would still use the cake pan. Making an ice cream cake isn’t that hard, and I wouldn’t mind doing it again. But it will be a simple round or square cake, no shapes. I also will not be making it unless it is staying put. We drove it from Frederick to Wheaton. It was a nightmare.


1.5 quarts Ice cream

1 cake from the box

1 pack Oreos (I used a little more)

1 tub chocolate icing


Line pan with plastic wrap, and fill with softened ice cream. Cover and let refreeze. (I put it in around 9:00pm on Monday, and took it out 3pm on Wed)


Repeat for a 2nd layer. The 2nd layer I made smaller, and I used a hairdryer to melt a little of the ice cream and pressed crushed Oreos into it and then covered and froze. Once it is hardened remove from pan.


Bake cake as directed on box, I added a box of jello. Once cool, level and wrap in foil. (I FORGOT TO TAKE A PICTURE...DUMB)

To Assemble:

Put the ice cream layer with the Oreos on the bottom. Spread a layer of chocolate icing on the ice cream and sprinkle a thin layer of Oreos. Also spread a little icing on the cake and place on the ice cream. The icing is mostly used as glue; it isn’t supposed to be pretty. On the top of the cake layer put another icing and Oreo layer then the last ice cream layer. Cover and put in freezer to refreeze.


Take out and ice, working quickly and putting back in freezer as needed.


Mom decorated the cake for me because I had dinner plans and it was taking me a lot longer than expected. I only had certain colors mixed, and a limited amount of icing to work with. Mom did a great job.



my piece :-D
my piece :-D


The cake looked wonderful; I didn’t take a picture before I left the house. L It didn’t travel well. The sun beat on it the whole way, I had the AC blasting, and my hands were numb. At the last light before Mema’s the cake slid a little, and I put my hand in it, and the neck broke. Sigh. It still tasted good.


  1. That's what I want. Guitar-shaped as well. With Hershey's Moose Tracks Ice Cream. Yumm-o. Look at me, I'm Rachel Ray!

  2. Hershey's Moose Track I can do, guitar shape...idk, maybe because you are my favorite younger stitely who was also my roommate I would do guitar for you.

    btw... i had frozen cheesy bread the other day, i thought of you and smiled...then I cooked my bread


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