Sunday, April 26, 2009

I promise I will come back

I was going to post on my way to NYC, but I was sitting by the window and being on the computer was making me car sick, so I let Matt play on the computer and I tried to sleep... I really just whined about being bored for 4 hours :-D Sometimes I am a toddler. I guess that is why my boyfriend loves me.  So I was all ready to sit on the aisle and write my super yummy posts on the way home, sans car sickness, but as it turns out our bus' air conditioning broke on such a wonderful 90 degree day. So, I attempted to turn on my computer and work, but I got it on, checked my emails, and my legs were sweating, and I swear the computer was going slower too. It was just too hot. So I turned off dear old laptop and slept and sweat for 4 hours. OY! Only to call my momma and tell her I was showering off the grossness from the bus ride and coming home. To which she laughs and says we have no AC at the house! WOOOOOO. It is going to be 90 tomorrow. If the part doesn't come in tomorrow, and we still don't have AC I will be spending the evening at Panera, writing blog posts and a paper for class. Feel free to stop and distract me. It is moments when I am writing a paper for my class that I miss my college roommates, they were the best way to procrastinate ever! I'd write a paragraph, then lay on Carol's bed for 20 mins talking about everything not my paper, only to go back to it, and leave it again over and over. Haha it is a wonder I graduated :-D (jk mom and dad, I studied really hard and did all my work WAYYYYY in advance :-D ). I did all my best work when everyone went to bed and it was just me and the drunk people walking home outside my window at 2am.  Anyway. Sorry I haven't been posting. More is coming this week. :-D

Want to see NYC?img_2540 Radio City Music Hall- We didn't see a show, but we did see annoying Giants and Jets fans lined up a day before the draft. img_2522

Empire State Building from top of the Rockefeller Centerimg_25231The really bright part to the right is Time Square...where the ColdStone has a bouncerimg_2547From M & M world...droool.

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  1. I completely agree with you Angela! It is when I am "studying" for some classes that I miss undergrad life or when Mike is asleep early and I know my old roomie Caitlin would be up.


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