Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It is here!!!!

Isn't it pretty?

A while ago, Kitchenaid came out with an anniversary mixer and it had a glass bowl. I wanted that so badly, but I just got my mixer. They just recently started making the bowl and selling it separately. 

I had my brother on a mission on Christmas Eve to find this for me. He couldn't- everyone was sold out. He got me a giftcard to Bed Bath and Beyond and I signed up for them to email me when it was in stock again. 

They emailed me last Thursday, and I ordered it an hour later!!

I was so excited.

Thanks little bro! Love you!!


  1. IT REALLY IS BEAUTIFUL!!! I have never seen one with a glass bowl. SO COOL!!! Your bro is awesome:) K, I loved that you said you 'abuse' your alarm clock...hilarious! have a great day gorgeous girl!

  2. So purdy Ang! I'm jelous of the fact you have a stand mixer, I just have a cheap-o black and decker hand mixer!

  3. I love your blog!!
    I just got a glass bowl for my Kitchenaid too! It is great that you can use it in the microwave, easily pour out of it, and also see that everything is well mixed!

  4. Hi I'm a new follower and I love your blog! I just had to comment on your new Kitchenaid Mixer! I want the same one! I also like the new Hot Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Mixer they just released.Check out my food blog- For the Love of Food-


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