Monday, June 28, 2010

I wannabe baking!

I am sick of not being able to bake. Well, I am able to bake, but I don't have people to eat it! I find it wasteful to bake something and eat it the first night, and then have it sit around until I deem it too old and throw it away (like I need to do with the rice crispy treats we made a couple weeks ago.) However, I want to bake. I want to try new recipes and blog about them. I want to update my blog more than once a month! I want my updates to be more than just dinners, I want my sweet tooth back on my blog!

But alas, my coworkers are 14 month old little girls who aren't allowed the wonders of sweet yet! Maybe I could befriend a neighbor, but I really only see people from my building at the gym, and well, I think it may be odd to finish a 7 mile run and then offer to bring them some cheesecake while they finish their workout. Defeating the purpose I suppose.

Anyway, I am baking this week. Because I want to! I will find someone to eat it!

Wannabe baker was fitting because I am not a professional baker, but now its more fitting because I just WANNA BE BAKING darn it!

Local friends, wanna come over and have some dessert this week?!


  1. I wish I could sample your fixin's!!!

  2. how far are you from Lexington, SC???? :) I would love to come if I could!


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