Monday, September 7, 2009

What did you do with your 3 day weekend?

I made a HUGE mess - and then cleaned it up.

the table
the table



I follow close to 50 blogs about baking and cooking. If I didn't have google reader there to keep them organized and let me know which ones update and which ones don't I would spend my life checking blogs. Instead it is nicely organized on one screen and I can quickly glance and see if it is something I want to read. I love it. I also love the fact that when I come across a recipe I like I can star it and it will go into a folder. The bad thing is I star many many things, and then never do anything with them. Then I want to make something and I am like I know there is a recipe for that somewhere. About 9 months ago I printed some out, and started my recipe book. But then it got forgotten about.

Matt left for Miami on Sat afternoon and I decided I would finish it while he was gone. I started going through my stared items and putting the recipes in a word document. Then I printed the HUGE word document. It was a LOT of pages.(good thing he wasn't around - the office, living and dining room were a mess!!!)

I pushed the coffee table out of the way and spread out on the floor. I worked until about 330 am on Sunday organizing them into categories. Sunday I put everything into plastic protectors and today I put them in a binder and put dividers to keep it organized. One day ( not today) I will type up a table of contents, but until then I will make do. Everything is organized by big category - and then all things similar organized together.




I am so glad I did this, I also found so many new recipes I forgot about. This will also help when I plan the menu for the week. There will be a mandatory new recipe on each week's menu. This means more blogging :-D

This was very time consuming - but I have started a new word document - and I will print it out each month and keep my binder organized - but I am going to need a bigger binder my 1.5 inch binder is jam packed - maybe I will give desserts their own binder since they are half the whole book.

Also - if you follow more than 5 blogs I strongly urge you to use google reader. It really will save you a lot of time.

I also cleaned the apartment and ventured into the fudge making world. I am pleased with it - but you will have to wait! :-D


  1. Yes I know this isn't very green - but when I make something I print it out anyway. The paper I used was recycled - that makes it better right?

  2. This is your mom's organized gene manifesting itself. I'd just cram them in a drawer somewhere!

  3. Could be worse things I could get from mom - I take only the best things from both of you :-D

  4. I've been meaning to make a binder like that for the past 5 years - ever since moving out. Although I don't follow blogs, it'd just be family recipes and ones I google online or get from you ;-) I might have a huge binder you can have!!


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