Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I miss my blog

I feel like it has been forever.

The past couple weeks I have been super busy making signs, and buckeyes and packing and driving to SC.


Oh well because my little brother became a Marine last Friday. I am one very very proud sister.

Seriously one of the proudest moments of my life so far. It is amazing how far he has come, and the obstacles he has overcome to get where he is today.

I did make a new dip over the weekend, but in my rush to get it made and do all the other things for Austin's party, I forgot to take pictures (Bad food blogger, bad!) But never fear, I bought ingredients to make it again. So I will make it tonight or tomorrow and then share soon, but not until June (btw- how the heck is it June?!).

My brother has 5 more days of leave and I intend to spend it with him before he goes to NC for more training. We are going to Kings Dominion, and hopefully lots of hanging out on the deck talking and hearing more stories from boot camp.  I had to come home on Sunday, and I wont see him til tomorrow night, and this is the first time since I moved out of my parent's house that I wish I was living at home again.

Thank you to everyone who said prayers for him throughout this time. I know I didn't really keep anyone updated, but mainly because his letters never updated me! He saved it all for when he was in person!

Enjoy some pics from the weekend.

Waiting at 5:30 am to watch them run - with all my signs

First seeing my brother - I think he is laughing at me cuz I am sobbing. :-D

So grown up

Proud Family

My "little" Bro

After graduating 

Showing us his uniform

He wore his spiffy dress blues to church

Austin and his girlfriend Ariella, I love her. Best thing that ever happened to him.

Celebrating his 21st birthday (a month late!)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Fabulous Food Friday

Between the Lines

Kel at Between the Lines featured me and my little blog today on her blog! I feel special.

Go over and check her out. I love her daily trivia posts. I hardly ever get them right though!

Between the Lines

Monday, May 10, 2010

LOST Cake 2.0

You may remember back in February I made a LOST cake for the season premier party. Then it snowed, and I couldn’t go to the party and had to eat it myself. Remember? Yea, depressing.

Well, I went to a LOST theme party on Sat and had a blast. I made a new and improved, better Lost cake. I am very proud of this one.



My inspiration:


Image Credit

Want to see my costume?


HAHAHA and NO I am not actually preggo – someone at the party asked me, while I held an alcoholic drink in my hand… :-D

Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday girlies!

The twins had their big first birthday party this weekend. I made their smash cakes, and party favors! (ok - some people don't know what a smash cake is, a smash cake is the cake that you give the baby at their first birthday party that they tear apart with their hands)

The cake were yellow cakes, with pink buttercream frosting decorated with chocolate frosting, and chocolate frosting decorated with pink buttercream frosting. 

Sylvia's cake

Evelyn's cake

The party favors: Pink velvet cupcakes with chocolate frosting and chocolate cupcakes with pink buttercream frosting. 

As you can tell the theme of the party was pink and brown. That is the color scheme of the playroom. The girls had dresses that matched. 

I'd say they did a pretty good job on these cakes. I didn't get a picture of them because I was taking video. I will try to get better pictures of everything from their mom. (these were from my phone- I may have a couple on my camera - I will update later this week)
Funny story, they celebrated their birthday a month ago with their grandparents in AZ, and Sylvia cried when they tried to get her to eat the cake. Then on Wed (their actual birthday) she cried when they tried to get her to eat her cupcake, but as you can see, she tore that cake up. She loved it. I guess it must be made with love for her to eat it! :-D