Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A month?!

Oh man! I suck.

It has been a whole month.

I have a folder full of things to share, I just need to take the time out and share them. Soon. Very soon.

Honestly I can't wait til after November 5 so  I can share the yummiest pumpkin cake with cinnamon cream cheese icing with you. But I am not making it again until Nov for Carol's wedding. I didn't take pics during my trail because I didn't know if it was a winner.

So tell me, do you want me to give you a dessert recipe next, or one of the yummy dinners I have made recently?

You tell me, and I will provide. Swear.


  1. I would love a dinner recipe! I have missed your posts!

  2. I have been trying to think up some new dinners, so a dinner recipe would be perfect.


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