Monday, May 11, 2009

Somethings never change

I have a final due Wed. night... what have a done today to avoid  working on it? 1- napped 2- gotten rates for health insurance 3- counted my couch fund( bucket full of change) i had $54.77   4- posted about my new kitchen

I know this is a cooking/baking blog, but I am so excited about the things that are going to go down in this kitchen I have to share it with you now. I won't be moving in until July, but I already have my kitchenaid's spot picked out. This kitchen has so much space and so much countertop to cool cookies on I CAN NOT WAIT! :-DIMG_2589


I am pretty sure I have more cabinet space than I have stuff for them... maybe I can store my sweaters in some too :-D Kidding... I will fill them with cake pans and powdered sugar :-D

Did I mention there are 18 outlets in the kitchen itself? WOW!

I CAN NOT WAIT to play in here!

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  1. AHHHH!! I am sooooo jealous!! I will definitely be coming to help you bake and decorate some cakes in that MASSIVE kitchen! Trust me, you WILL fill the cabinets! :)


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